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Why bring your dog to Daycare?

Is your dog home alone all day? 
Is your dog overweight or does it need more exercise?
Is your dog timid?
Is your dog begging for attention when you are ready to relax?
Do you need someone to care for your dog while you are spending the day out and about sight seeing or shoping?
​Does your dog need scheduled medication or feeding?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then your dog would enjoy going to day care. When dogs go to day care, they have playmates for companionship and social interaction. There is constant supervision to prevent any destructive behavior. The social interaction will help a timid dog gain confidence. The activity will encourage your couch potato to exercise while having fun. If you need to be gone for the day or have a special outing planned, you can be assured your dog will have its feeding and medication on time. After a day at day care, your dog will be ready to rest and enjoy your company.

Indoor Play Area

What do dogs do in Daycare?

Dogs are allowed to run freely inside or go outside in an enclosed area by using doggie doors. Toys are provided in both areas.Their play is supervised at all times. Quiet corners with big soft pillows are provided where a tired dog can take a nap.

Outdoor Play Area

What is a day care for dogs?

 A large open area where dogs interact together without being restricted in separate kennels. Supervisors are always present to ensure safety and friendliness.